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Fridge Raiders





Create a Photoshop visual of a Fridge Raiders packet, as a test, quicker than the time it took to create a similar style 3D model.


This project was done as a test to see how well I could create a Photoshop visual that is comparable to the 3D model I had previously created. I began by taking the artwork and cropping it with a clipping path, to the shape of the fridge raiders packet. I then applied various layers of shading and highlights to enhance the shape of the packet. I also added a foil to the areas of the design that have foil show through. I then saved out a few versions, with shadows, and floor reflections, to complete the look of the packshot.

Final Results:

This test was very successful, and within 1 hour I had generated a quite attractive and appealing visual.


Give me some encouragement! ;)

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