3D Kerrymaid Butter Visual

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3D Kerrymaid Butter Visual

Kerrymaid butter
Kerrymaid 2



Create a stylized ‘beauty shot’ for Kerry foods, using a Kerrymaid Butter packshot.



After creating a basic packshot of this model we were requested a week later to create a stylized ‘beauty shot’ of the same model. We were given a lot of choice in how to portray the model in an interesting way, so I began by doing a few tests. I initially started with blocks of cubes the same size as the butter, and applied physics effects to these cubes. Then, using dynamics, I dropped them onto a floor to see how they would fall. They landed in quite interesting positions, so I swapped out the cubes for the butter model, and then let them drop in the same manner. After doing this, I positioned one to be facing the camera so the label was very clearly displayed, and then rendered the image out using a depth of field effect to blur the background slightly.


Final Result:

The final image was, in my opinion visually appealing, and quite realistic looking. The reflections in the gold foil really make the scene look bright and glossy, and very stylish.


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