Hickory Hollow Smoked Sauce

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Hickory Hollow Smoked Sauce

hickory-sauce-lr smoked-sauce-polygon-overlay-lrHickory Sauce DOF LR


Create a 3D image of hickory hollow smoked sauce packaging for Woolworths Australia.


When I began this project, I was only given one sample image which was not a very high res or well positioned photograph. This meant I had my work cut out to complete the visual of the product, making it presentable, and appetizing. The first step was to create an outline path of the bottle. I then setup the 3D model using this path, and generated the cap. To create the contents, I took colour samples from the actual photograph, to allow me to match the liquid exactly. I then added sections of the contents (for example the chilli seeds + tomato seeds) to the texture by cloning them on in Photoshop. To finalise, I put some blur on the glass bottle, added attractive reflections and rendered out a high res version.

Final Results:

Despite having poor quality reference photos, the final result looks very appealing and has a perfect resemblance to the actual product. The client was very happy with the image, and commented on how quickly I had produced the visual to such a high standard.


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