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Create packshots of the new Gatorade “Series Pro” range of sports nutrition products using the artwork and samples supplied.


I began by scanning in all of the sample products we had been sent. This allowed me to create paths around the bottles, and use the samples as reference images. I then used digital calipers to accurately take the correct measurements of the products. This allowed me to be extremely accurate within the 3D software, and also kept all the models within the correct scales of each other, by using actual real world dimensions. After creating the basic shape of each model, I added the details such as the emboss effects, bottle displacements, and various other material effects. To finalise, each model was given it’s own environment and highlights, so that they looked the best they could, with tailored reflections for each product within the scene. The final image was rendered out and retouched by myself until the above result was produced.

Final Result:

The final result was approved by PepsiCo USA and uploaded to the Britvic digital asset management system, to be used in various media outputs, such as websites, magazines, and news articles.


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