Gatorade 4-Pack

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Gatorade 4-Pack

Gatorade 4x500ml Range Gatorade_Sport_4x500ml_BlkC Gatorade_Sport_4x500ml_BlkC_Closeup Gatorade_Sport_4x500ml_Lemon Gatorade_Sport_4x500ml_Lemon_Closeup Gatorade_Sport_4x500ml_Orange Gatorade_Sport_4x500ml_Orange_Closeup


Create a new 3D visual of the 4x500ml Gatorade Sport bottle.


When I started this visual I was in a great mood. I was very optimistic about trying to create a really good, accurate model, and finalize it with lighting and reflections that really compliment the design. I began by taking the cutter and creating a flat version of the sleeve in the 3D application. I then folded up all the side until it created the final sleeve. I then placed 4 of the 500ml bottles that I had already modelled previously, and positioned them in the correct places. Then, I took the time to add an environment and lighting to try to make it look both as realistic, and as appealing as possible. Finally, I added the finishing touches in Photoshop, by brightening up the colours and bringing out the highlights and reflections to suit the design.

Final Results:

I am very proud of the final images and think that although they only took half a day to complete all three, that I really made an impacting, and well presented visual of the Gatorade brand.


Give me some encouragement! ;)

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