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Tilda Rice

Britvic Products Range

Foxes Rocky Bars

Ferrero Rocher

Robinsons Squash’d


Gold Olive Oil

Gatorade 4-Pack

Brief: Create a new 3D visual of the 4x500ml Gatorade Sport bottle. Actions: When I started this visual I was in a great mood. I was very optimistic about trying to create a really good, accurate model, and finalize it with lighting and reflections that really compliment the design. I began by taking the cutter…
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Woolworths Peanut Butter

Brief: Create a 3D image of two peanut butter jars for Woolworths Australia. Actions: To start this model, I created the basic outline of the jar in Photoshop and used this to generate the shape of the 3D jar. I then adjusted the shape of the bottom section of the jar, which was the most…
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Hickory Hollow Smoked Sauce

Brief: Create a 3D image of hickory hollow smoked sauce packaging for Woolworths Australia. Actions: When I began this project, I was only given one sample image which was not a very high res or well positioned photograph. This meant I had my work cut out to complete the visual of the product, making it…
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Fridge Raiders

Brief: Create a Photoshop visual of a Fridge Raiders packet, as a test, quicker than the time it took to create a similar style 3D model. Actions: This project was done as a test to see how well I could create a Photoshop visual that is comparable to the 3D model I had previously created.…
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3D Models

Bathroom Visual

Boots Baby Range

Brief: Create range visuals for Boots new baby range. Actions: This project was very interesting. This is because not only was it a very high profile project within the company I work for, but also because I was solely responsible for the whole project. A representative from Boots, the client, came to our studio to…
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Baileys Bottle

Below is an example 360 degree rotatable image of this bottle. Please feel free to rotate this yourself by clicking and dragging your mouse across the image. Brief: Create a 3D baileys bottle render, to be part of my portfolio Actions: I began by soaking the bottle in washing up liquid, to remove the label…
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Gatorade Range

Brief: Create packshots of the new Gatorade “Series Pro” range of sports nutrition products using the artwork and samples supplied. Actions: I began by scanning in all of the sample products we had been sent. This allowed me to create paths around the bottles, and use the samples as reference images. I then used digital…
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Tesco Deodorant

Brief: Create beauty shots for Tesco, of both ladies and men’s deodorants. Actions: I began by scanning in the sample images we were sent by Tesco. I then created an outline of the shape using a spline path, which was then converted to a 3D model in the 3D application. I then modelled the caps…
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3D Kerrymaid Butter Visual

  Brief: Create a stylized ‘beauty shot’ for Kerry foods, using a Kerrymaid Butter packshot.   Actions: After creating a basic packshot of this model we were requested a week later to create a stylized ‘beauty shot’ of the same model. We were given a lot of choice in how to portray the model in…
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