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Huggies Display Stand

Britvic Products


Ferrero Rocher

Tango Burst

Baileys Bottle

Brief: Create a 3D Animation to help demonstrate the camera mapping features of the 3D Bailey’s bottle scene I had created. Actions: I began this project by taking some photographs of my spirit cabinet in my home. I learnt to use new skills, collecting all the lighting information of the environment, by photographing a HDRI…
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Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops Animation from Martin Holroyd on Vimeo. Brief: Create a 3D Animation of Fruity Loops falling into a bowl, to advance my animation skills Actions: Having already modelled a bag of Fruit Loops for Woolworths Australia, I already had somewhere to start. I began by taking the 4 different colours of fruit loop, and…
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