Baileys Bottle

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Baileys Bottle

baileys_render_1 baileys_render_5 baileys_render_4
Below is an example 360 degree rotatable image of this bottle. Please feel free to rotate this yourself by clicking and dragging your mouse across the image.


Create a 3D baileys bottle render, to be part of my portfolio


I began by soaking the bottle in washing up liquid, to remove the label without destroying it. I then scanned both the bottle, and the labels to obtain digital files. I then generated the 3D model using an outline of the bottle, created with high accuracy in mind. I also opened the label texture in Photoshop, and retouched it to make it look the same as the real thing. I then created the emboss on the bottle, placed the label on the bottle, and created the foil for the label. To finalise, I created the cap for the bottle and placed a texture on it from the scanned bottle.

Final Results:

I was very happy with the final result, which looked both realistic, and appealing.


Give me some encouragement! ;)

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