Woolworths Peanut Butter

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Woolworths Peanut Butter






Create a 3D image of two peanut butter jars for Woolworths Australia.


To start this model, I created the basic outline of the jar in Photoshop and used this to generate the shape of the 3D jar. I then adjusted the shape of the bottom section of the jar, which was the most complex, until it looked true to the actual product. I then created the contents, using exact colour breakdowns. I then setup a scene with visually attractive lighting and reflections. I then rendered out the final versions and used minimal retouching, just to bring out the colours in the label slightly.

Final Results:

I initially thought this jar would be hard to create, but after a breakthrough, I managed to create this whole visual in only a few hours! The final results were both pleasing to look at, and highly realistic.


Give me some encouragement! ;)

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