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Create range visuals for Boots new baby range.


This project was very interesting. This is because not only was it a very high profile project within the company I work for, but also because I was solely responsible for the whole project. A representative from Boots, the client, came to our studio to give us her input into how they wanted the visuals to look. For me, this was a first, and a really good experience as we could quickly achieve the exact look required, without having to send countless images via email, only to come back with amends. To create these visuals, I was sent all the products featured in the images above. I scanned in each one (except the boxes, as these were simple to model) and modelled them using these, taking the dimensions from the physical samples. I then rendered them out in separate ranges, according to what the client wished for.

Final Results:

The final visuals were quite appealing, and I felt they show of the new brand to be very attractive..


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